In making CODE documentary, it  is our mission to give the world a much needed wake-up call. For the past several decades females and people of color have been underrepresented in the technology industry.  Young women are deterred from pursuing computer science degrees by ingrained mindsets, obstacles in the educational system, and a lack of diverse role models.  By profiling successful women such as Danielle Feinberg of Pixar, Aliya Rahman of Code for Progress and Julie Ann Horvath of &Yet, we hope to inspire young women and show that a career in coding can be creative, lucrative and rewarding.


In her article in Forbes online magazine, contributor Esha Chhabra explores the enormous gender gap in the tech industry with two of CODE  documentary’s main contributors: Jocelyn Goldfein, former director of Engineering at Facebook and Danielle Feinberg head of photography and lighting at Pixar.

Somewhere along the way, society deemed it “normal” to give boys Legos, train sets, and building blocks, but not girls. By the time women reach college, they have been turned off of computer science and convinced they don’t belong.  But women and people of color do belong in tech.  In fact they are desperately needed.

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