1. Go back to kindergarten  
    It’s essential that computer science is introduced in early childhood education.  Studies show that girls and boys have an equal interest in computers at an early age - before cultural mindsets and stereotype work their way into the psyche of young girls.  By introducing computer science in K- 8th grade classrooms and making CS mandatory in high school, girls will develop a comfort and familiarity with computer science that will enable them to navigate the educational pipeline more effectively.
  2. Talk to Hollywood
    The number of women entering law school increased significantly when CSI became a popular series in the 1990’s.  Hollywood holds substantial influence over our youth, so creating female characters who are hot-shot Makers and techies will provide role models and will help change the stereotype that all coders are nerds and geeks.
  3. Lose the ‘tude
    If you want more women in your workplace, then you have to make the workplace comfortable for women.  Tech start-up culture seems so cool, with their ping pong tables, kegs of IPA and X-Box consoles.  But there needs to be ground rules to make women feel safe.  Minimal decencies. Take down the Lena poster, clean up the pizza boxes and appreciate that the woman coder next to you is just as likely to write the next brilliant string of code as anyone.