I recently attended the 2014 MITA Tech Talks in Mexico.  This 2-day conference took place in gorgeous Punta de Mita, but was anything but a beachy boondoggle.  MITA is Mexico's answer to Allen & Co - bringing together international VIPs of the tech / VC worlds such as FLOODGATE's Mike Maples, PayPal's Carey Kolaja, Ascend's Jay Duncanson, Rally's Tom Serre, and Manatt's Peter Csathy.  The commonality amongst all is a realization of the potential of Mexico.  Guadalajara is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of Mexico and the capital of Latin America's growing IT industry.

In fact, it occurred to me that the dearth of computer science engineers in the USA provides a unique opportunity for young Mexican technologists.  Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico's most prestigious engineering school, is graduating CS majors a year. In 2012, 28% of the graduates in engineering, manufacturing and construction were women, and 46.8% of the science graduates in Mexico were women.  If Americans can't fill our own demand for programmers, why look as far as India and South Asia?  Maybe part of the solution, until we are able to generate more software engineers by improving our pipeline, is to look south, just across the border.