A powerful film about the will to finish. In my life, I have met and seen many inspirational people, but very few have had the ability to reach out and change the lives of others the way Jim Tracy has and continues to do. This film takes you into Jim's life, his love of running and coaching and his impossible battle with ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease. Finish with honor. Finish with grace, but above all, finish.

- Kory Kozak, ESPN

If we are lucky, in our lives we come across a teacher or coach who leads us to a higher place than we ever thought we could get to, a higher place than we even knew existed. Jim Tracy is one of those rare and special birds who can teach you to fly, even if you don’t believe you can. The documentary “Running for Jim” will make you want to go out and do something, dammit, don’t just sit there and dream about it, or put your dreams aside. This film will make you wish you had a Jim Tracy in your life, and in your kid’s life, and it will make you feel better about sports, and humanity. "Running for Jim" is Hollywood beautiful, but it makes Hollywood’s inspirational sports movies, like “Bagger Vance” and “Field of Dreams” seem corny and fake by comparison. This is about REAL pain and fear and death, and about real freedom.

- Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle Sports Columnist

Powerfully moving. Really. I think what will always resonate with me is the irony that, for a few seconds at the end of that fateful race, [Holland] had ALS. That mentor and protégé could end up connecting in such a visceral way at such a fateful moment - wow.

- Jamie Redford, Filmmaker

What a phenomenal statement. I was just blown away at the way you told these stories. The layers of the film are both subtle and complex. Though it is about Jim and ALS, it touches many other themes and leaves multiple levels of interpretation.

- Chuck Collins, CEO & President YMCA San Francisco